About Us

While you hate bugs ! We love em ! Heck they pay our bills, while living rent free at your place !

Our History


We have been exterminating bugs for as long as we can remember. We spray, We bait, We even fumi-friggin-gate

All kidding aside we enjoy what we do, each job is a challenge and we love it. We always play it safe, with the chemicals around the house, so the pets n kiddos don’t get sick. We clean up after ourselves and you won’t even know we were there except you wont have any more BUGS !!! 

spraying for ants
counter inspection
How Its Work

We are committed to our customer's success from
start to finish.

We obviously start out with the ole’ initial consultation, then we will prepare a game plan. Have you sign off on it, then we are off to the flea circus ! oh wait We mean “to work” and gettin rid of your insect or rodent problem.

Our Mission

Well It kind of goes without saying, we want to be the best damn pest control company in the world ! So why not hire us and see how easy it is ?

Our Vision

To help keep our clients past, present, and future free of bugs and other creepy crawlers. That may be spreading sickness or disease. We only wanna help 🙂

Our Main Service


Free Inspection

“Most” inspection fees are removed from the job quote when you hire us.. And TBH who doesn’t ? pffft were the best !

Fast pest removal

Wam bam thank you mam ! We will get to work as soon as you say ” Here’s ya damn Money! ” NO NO just kiddin, But are we ?

Friendly support

This kind of goes with out saying, Heck if we weren’t friendly and fun how the heck would we like to be picking up bugs all day.. Especially out of your house????

Licensed & protected

Yeah yeah that too..

5 Star Protection

You win some ya lose some. Maybe 3 maybe 5 stars depends on how we are feeling that day.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee the bugs will be gone for as long as we are there. And maybe a bit longer. We can go over our guarantee at your consultation. It is to special to talk about online !


Best pest control at very affordable rates

We believe half heartedly in this statement. Maybe its the other way around ? You pay more for shoddy service ? IDK ?? 

24/7 Customer Care

For Emergency Service (as long as we are logged into our email)

For queries:

Email: info@morenovalleypestcontrol.com

Our Impact

BOOM !! That’s how we roll, we will get them pesky critters out lickity split and leave your house feeling like you can finally walk around  barefoot again !

industy spraying
Our Team

This isn’t really us, We aren’t good looking enough to be featured on a website. But believe us when we say, you wont swipe left 😉 



Director of Quality Systems



Pest Control Inspector



Technical Services Director

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