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We want your business ! We come off like jokers but we do understand your frustrations. 

What services can we do for you?

Well obviously you got here because you either have Bed Bugs ? Ants ? Termites ? Rats ? Mice ? Or some other little nasty critter prob. We can help !

Our Services

Get The Best Pest Control Solutions

We use only the best in the business when it comes to keeping our families and business’ safe and free from insects and nasty critter intrusions. Try us out you will see why we are el numero uno !

If you need solution, We are available for you

While alcohol isn’t the solution technically it is. We have alternatives to drinking your pest problems away !

Domestic Pest Control

So you have some ants marching across your floor. Maybe carrying a potato chip ? Maybe you have a infestation of Bed Bugs ? (nasty) Maybe you have termites eating away at your wood work ? We have a solution for all of the above bug problems. Drop us a note and let us get to work, terminating them there bugs !

Industrial Pest Control

Not to be confused with residential pest control. We are like a finely tuned instrument when eliminating pest and rodents from your home. We always follow best practices and will can assure you with our treatment, and in some cases a follow up maintenance plan. You will live bug and pest free for a long time coming

Termite Pest Control

Damn nasty bugs termites, they can ruin your home in only a few years if left untreated. They will make a mess of your woodwork and they actually love to live in between sheetrock ! They will tunnel and burrow and its pretty nasty what they do. So contact us today and lets make a plan to get rid of them termites !

Attic Pest Control

Sometimes critters can make their way into your attic. The main thing is to find out how they are getting in, Then seal that area off so they cannot get back in. Then humanely remove them either by trapping them or in the case of insects using a form of chemical disposal and extermination.

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